Trail Grooming

The Central New Hampshire Snowmobile Club has 3 powerful groomers to help keep our trails in top condition for riders. Trails are maintained throughout the year to keep them free from debris which makes grooming the trails easier in the wintertime. The CNHSC groomer operators are a great group of dedicated volunteers. They have attended Groomer training classes and spend many hours of “seat – time” working their magic. Please respect the time and energy they put into making the trails smooth for everyone’s enjoyment.

We're very appreciative of our fantastic group of volunteers, and to those who generously to donate funds to our club!  Without your support winters would be long and cold with no trails to ride. 

If you'd like to help out in keeping New Hampshire's snowmobile trails groomed and safe for all riders to enjoy, please click on the link below to add your name to the list of volunteers or to make a donation to help keep us going. Your time and generosity are always very much appreciated! 🙂