1/28/22 Trail Report

Current forecast for 4-6″ of snow for Saturday. We’ll be monitoring and groomers will be out.

Current Trail conditions for the Club

  • Millers Trail from 155 through Branch Brook, Good Conditions
  • Primary 152, Good Conditions
    • Bog has been groomed heading toward Plymouth.
  • Primary 155, Good Conditions
  • Primary 156, Good Conditions
  • Primary 157 (Amanda’s Trail), Good Conditions
  • Corridor 11, (Railroad), Recommended to NOT RIDE the tracks until we get more snow. We had a snowmobiler the other night get stuck on a trestle and needed Campton-Thornton Fire Dept assistance to get out. There is still too much iron showing that could cause damage to your sled or injury.


Trails OPEN

The long awaited time has arrived for the 2022 Season! The Central NH Snowmobile Club trails are officially OPEN!

Please be aware that some conditions on the trails will be early season riding conditions in the lower elevations.

Corridor 11 (Railroad) is currently still closed, as we need still need more snow to be able to ride on. However, ALL interior trails, 152, 155, 156 and Miller’s Trail are open. Please stay on all marked trails and follow proper trail signage. Stay on the trail!

Get out there and ENJOY! We will update trail conditions weekly moving forward.