Trail Update 3/3/22

  • Miller’s Trail – Good Conditions, some minor bare sections through Branch Brook.
  • Primary 152 – Good Conditions
    • Please be careful around the Bog area on 152 South heading towards Plymouth. Especially with this Sunday’s weather forecast calling for warm weather.
    • 152 heading from Campton Fire – Miller’s trail and Sunset Grill is groomed and has snow.
  • Primary 155 – Good Conditions
  • Primary 156 – Good Conditions heading north towards Lincoln and south toward Warren. Please use caution about 3 miles into the trail for an ice boil, signage is posted.
  • Primary 157 – Good Conditions, great conditions in the higher elevation
  • Corridor 11 (Railroad) – We are recommending NOT to ride the railroad. With the snow we received, the iron is still showing, groomers are not going down the railroad.


Trail Update 2/25/22

We have 2 Groomers that were out tonight. We received about 8″ of powder. It’s grooming to a pack of 2″ maybe a little more. Please use caution on trails as there is ice underneath. The corners will still be slippery. Millers Trail, 152, 155, 156 and 157 are open.

**CAUTION** Corridor 11 (Railroad) will not be groomed. Even though it’s snow covered, the powder is deceiving and lacks a base well below the rails and in several spots none. We are recommending NOT to ride the tracks.

Thank you,


CNHSC News & Trail Updates

Trail Updates:

Asking to continue to stay off trails for today 2/18. They will be open for weekend of 2/19 and 2/20 for access to our Antique Track Driven Machine Show. Please use extreme caution for downed trees due to wind and icy conditions throughout our entire system.  Groomers have no been out yet and it is undetermined what lies ahead before they can get out.
This weekend you will most likely needs scratchers or you’re going to overheat:
– Trail 152- South towards Lower Campton / Plymouth use caution through the Bog for icy / water conditions
– Corridor 11: 2″ of rails are showing. We are recommending to stay off this trail unless Mother Nature can help.
– 155, 156, 157 expect to still have snow but due to the rain will be icy as well.
**The Antique Track Driven Machine show is still ON for 2/19. Mother nature did not take all the snow from us so, the show must go on! You can access it my snowmobile or by car.***
By Snowmobile:
If you are riding tomorrow, you can access by heading 155 towards Corridor 11. The trail to access the show is on 155 about 300 yards before the Corridor 11 and 155 Junction across Route 3 where are Groomers come out.
By car
73 Laundromat Rd. Thornton, NH

February 9th Updates

Trail Update:

All trails were in great condition this past weekend, with this warmer weather over the next few days we could see some spots soften up and rails start to re surface on Corridor 11, please use caution. Ideally, if we could minimize the use on the trails for the next few days to reserve the snow. Warmer weather this week doesn’t help us but once the melt happens during the day, it will re-freeze overnight and harden/ice the snow over.






Upcoming Events

February 19th, 2022 – Antique Track Driven Machine Show (10am – 2pm) Show will be at Dirt Designs at 73 Laundromat Rd. Thornton, NH


February 20th, 2022 – Antique Track Driven Machine Ride/Parade 10am – 11:30am. Will start at Dirt Designs at 10am, and go down trail 155, then down Miller’s trail and end at Sunset Grill around 11:30am