November 8th 2021

Hello Everyone,
One of our Members, Shane Johnston, created this survey for his Marketing Research class, it is about what draws in snowmobilers. All of the responses that Shane gets from this survey are anonymous, and will only be used to present to his class. Thank you for taking to time to fill out this survey, the paragraph below is the legal statement we include so that you are aware of what it is used for and so that we can use the information collected.
Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. You are under no obligation to take this survey, and you can opt out of the survey at any time. You may skip any question or questions that you do not want to answer. All surveys are received anonymously and will be treated as such. Data collected from this survey will not be used for any public presentation or publication, and the sole purpose of this survey is to meet the academic requirements of my course BUS 4030 Marketing Research
Please click the link below if you would like to complete the survey.

NHSA Super Raffle Tickets

We still have tickets for purchase. This is a great way to support the club, proceeds go to the club and NHSA. Please reach out to or our facebook messenger. Tickets are $20 a piece for a chance win some incredible prizes on February 6th, 2022. 2 Sleds and trailers are part of the raffle!

Trail Work:

We had a great turn out for this past weekends trail work party. We focused on downed trees and brush clearing on 155/156. Just a reminder if you would like to join and volunteer, please reach out to or facebook page. As of right now we are still planning on going out for this Saturday 11/13, weather permitting. Please reach out if you plan to join us. We usually need a headcount to prepare what we can do and focus on.
Here are some pics from this past weekend. Big Thank you to those who come out and put the work in. Takes a lot of time to prepare the trails before the season. We still have a bridge to make and cut/ lay rubber belting to cover the railroad bridges.

November Updates

November Update


We have updated our meeting schedule. Meetings will now be held on the 2nd Thursday, once a month during the season.

2022 NHSA Super Raffle

We are selling NHSA Super Raffle tickets to help raise money for the club. The drawing with separate 14 prizes will be on February 6th, 2022. Tickets are $20 per ticket. If you would like to purchase ticket(s) please email or on facebook messenger. We will send you a form to fill out and send back. After we receive, we will send the tickets out to you.






Trail Work

We unfortunately had to cancel last weekend’s trail work due to weather. So we he have some catch up and could use any/all volunteers. We still have a bridge to replace, trail clean up, brush cut back and cutting rubber belting for Corridor 11 once it opens for us to work on. We anticipate work every weekend from here on out until the season begins.  Only weekend we won’t be working is Thanksgiving weekend. Please reach out by email at or facebook if you would like to help. We meet at Dirt Designs on 72 Laundromat Rd, Thornton, NH at 8am every Saturday.

Save the Dates:

  • CNHSC Club Ride:               Saturday January 22nd, 2022
  • Antique Tractor Show:       Saturday February 19th, 2022
  • CNHSC Club Cookout:        Saturday March 5th, 2022

** These are subject to change in the event of health and safety with covid.  We will continue to monitor and these are the dates we are planning for. If there are any changes we will send out communication on and Facebook.


Membership forms went out last week. Please be on the look out. If you haven’t had an opportunity to review and send in please do so when you get a chance. We rely on membership dues to assist in funding all our projects before the season starts. Thank you to all of Members!

Season is almost here! Can’t come quick enough!!



Trail Work Cancelled 10/30/21

With rain expected all day, heavy at times, we are canceling trail work for Saturday October 30th.  Thank you to those that were volunteering for the day. We are still scheduled for trail work the following Saturday, Nov 6th. If anything changes, we will update and facebook

Thank you!


Trail Work Party 10/30/21

Had a great time this past weekend working on 152 towards 155 by Bog Road. Rerouting the trail so the trail is not crossing landowners front yard right at the intersection. Wanted to say thank you to those landowners for allowing us to do a re-route.

We are continuing trail work every Saturday from now until the season begins. Still have plenty to do including trail cut back, replacing a bridge on 152 and prepping the rubber belting once corridor 11 opens for us to work on. Only Saturday we will not be having a trail work party is Saturday after Thanksgiving. Please reach out at or Facebook page if you would like to come out work on the trails with us, we could always use the help.

News heading into last weekend from NHBOT. Registration free weekend for NH & Maine is March 4th – 6th 2022. Vermont announced over the weekend that their free registration weekend will be on February 4th-6th, 2022.

We are currently planning dates for the Club ride, Antique Tractor show and Club barbeque starting in January. Dates to follow with another email later this week.

Here are some pics from the past weekend, thank you to all who helped out!

Trail Work Party October 23rd, 2021


Big Thank you to those that helped this past weekend in the trails. Team worked on clearing downed trees, brush and cleared some blocked culverts. That was the start of the prep before the season. We will be having another work party this Saturday October 23rd. Meeting at Dirt Designs at 73 Laundromat Rd. Thornton, NH at 8am. Any and all help is appreciated. If you wish to volunteer please reach out at or on our facebook page.

Please remember that if you are volunteering to work with the trail work party, your UTV/ATV must be currently registered in NH.

If you have not registered yet for membership dues, please reach out. Early dues really assist in funding projects for prepping trails before the season starts.

If you want to fill out your form online, you can go to

You can also fill out our membership form and mail it back to us. Click here to print and mail the membership form. You can send it into

Thank you again to all our Members and Volunteers, we cannot do what we do to maintain our amazing White Mountain National Forest trails without you!