Making the West Branch Forest Project a Reality

Hi Everyone,

The Campton conservation commission is trying to buy the below land and turn it into conservation land. It includes keeping our snowmobile trail on it which is vital to the club trail system. (Miller Trail)  In these trying times any support would be greatly appreciated.




West Branch Brook Forest Project

The Town of Campton, under stewardship by the Campton Conservation Commission, has the opportunity to purchase a lovely 152 acre tract of land in West Campton. For well over a century, the land was held in ownership by the Spokesfield family, from which the current owners, the Miller family, have descended.  The Spokesfield homestead had not been lived on since 1977; the farmhouse was torn down about a decade later.  The location of the house and barn, a blacksmith shop and sugar house are all known and remnants remain. Recently, the Campton Conservation Commission (CCC) entered into a purchase and sales agreement on the property, after working toward this goal for several years.

The property is located in West Campton and has 560 feet of frontage on U.S. Route 3. It includes over 1.3 miles along the West Branch Brook on the south edge, and abuts an 89 acre tract owned by Green Acre Woodlands on part of its north edge. This tract of land connects the Miller property to the White Mountain National Forest. The property is completely forested in mixed hardwoods. It contains many vernal pools and is an integral part of the snowmobile trail system.

The CCC is in the process of applying for grants and other funding. To increase the strength of our grant applications, it is important to show local support for this project which will conserve the land for wildlife and community use.

We are offering you the opportunity to be part of this project. If you wish to donate, your contribution will be doubled. The members of the Conservation Commission and friends have promised to match funds up to $18,000. A donation of any amount is valuable, not only because your gift will be doubled, but because it shows great community support from many individual donors.  Additionally, your name, unless you wish to remain anonymous, will be added to a growing list of local residents who value all that this parcel has to offer our community.

We are hoping to make this a quick campaign by collecting donations before grants are due in early June. Checks can be written to the Town of Campton, with “Conservation Fund” in the memo line, and mailed to:


Town of Campton/Campton Conservation Commission


West Branch Brook Forest Project Campaign

12 Gearty Way

Campton, NH 03223