Follow up on the Campton Conservation Commission

Dear Friends of Campton Conservation Commission,                                                                                                                      October, 2020

The spring, summer and early fall has been busy for us on the Campton Conservation Commission. The West Branch Brook Forest Project has been moving steadily forward .

Some of the important steps taken so far toward the goal to purchase over 200 acres to protect their critical natural habitat and make connection with the White Mountain National Forest are:

  • Acquiring Purchase and Sale agreements with both property owners
  • Holding a public hearing for purchase of parcel 9-1-1 on April 22
  • Creating a money-raising campaign to raise local donations (over 60 people donated over $26K)
  • Hiring for appraisals of both parcels, survey of one
  • Hiring a grant writer to assist with grant writing
  • Hiring for aquatic resource studies of the properties (as required for one grant)
  • Completing 4 grant applications asking for over $350K total
  • Begun conversations with Pemi Baker Land Trust on Conservation Easements
  • Worked on property clean-up of old items and transfer to town transfer station
  • Some of the next steps are :
  • Wait to hear back from grant funders . (We’re fairly sure we won’t get all asked for.)
  • Hold Public Hearing to discuss purchase of parcel 3-1-1on December 2nd
  • o     This parcel connects the 9-1-1 parcel to the White Mountain National Forest
  • Our grant applications were enhanced  by  demonstrating  the strong local financial support by those who contributed. We appreciate your  interest and support . Thank you!


Campton Conservation Commission : Dan Boynton, Shannon Garnsey, Jess Halm, Jane Kellogg, Dick Osborne, Rebecca Steeves
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