1-24-20 Trail Report

Currently we are out grooming as needed. Lower elevation trails are in poor to good condition and the higher elevations are good but not great. Most brooks, ponds and streams are still not frozen. Bottom line most ice is not safe!  The southern part of P152 heading into the bog towards Plymouth has open water and the Rumney snowmobile club has also said to stay away from this portion of the trail.  Logging off P152 on our side of the Campton bog area is still being done.  Riding on the rail tracks is open. We can’t groom tracks just isn’t enough snow. If you don’t like your snow machine drive down the tracks there is plenty of iron to hit!

Warming hut is open and being used. It is a nice place to stop take a break and have a trail side bag lunch. Just remember to pick up after yourselves.  Currently all abutting club trails are open now.

Go out enjoy.



1-17-20 Trail Report

Thursday morning we received 6″ of wet snow to go over the 2-4″ of hard pack snow.  We are going to head out and groom Thursday night. Expect conditions to be very poor in areas and please stay off the ice. Much water is open! The southern part of P152 heading into the bog is still very much open water and we believe the gates are not open in the Plymouth side of the bog. They are also logging off P152 on our side of the Campton bog area. The tracks are not open please stay off them. As of Thursday night most of the surrounding club trails are not open or are in poor condition. Wish we could say better things,  if conditions improve dramatically by Monday 1-20-20 we will post a new updated trail report.



1/10/20 Trail Report

We received 2-3” of new snow Wednesday night. On Thursday it was frigid cold. Groomers may go out Thursday night then will be idle all weekend. Weekend forecast is not looking good with rain coming and the high temperatures. The railway tracks are not open. Only available parking is by the railway tracks off Exit 28 next to Campton Town offices. We have 2 gates at the southernmost end of our trail system on P152, these gates might get closed. They lead into the bog pond area where it is just too wet now and only going to get worst over the weekend. (Could be very dangerous) The P156 trail heading west into Warren this gate is also closed. Warren club controls this gate. Up on Chandler Hill there is logging going on but trail is open. The White Mountain Club in Lincoln, north of us is not open. On a good note the warming hut is open!

  • Once the trails begin to turn into slush it would be great if everyone stay off the trails until they harden back up. It will help to maintain a good base and not rut up the trails.




Gates are opening

Welcome to the first trail report of the season.

We will report trail conditions every Thursday evening and for those who have signed up to get our automatic notice you will receive that notice every Friday morning at 6AM. Our Face Book page will also be updated at the same time. Please do not ask how trails are it is impossible to answer everyone at any given time.

Currently we have opened all our trails except P152. Water not frozen and landowner issues. Current snow depth varies from 7-8″ in lower terrain to 14″ in higher areas. Ponds, brooks and lakes are not frozen please be aware. If a gate is closed please obey the closure. We are currently working with a few landowners to reopen those trails. We think all down trees have been removed from trails but please proceed with caution. The railway tracks are not open we need more snow.


We currently have two areas. Owls Nest Golf Course at 40 Clubhouse Rd., Campton NH and by the Town of Campton town offices at 10 Gearty Way, Campton  NH on Railway Tracks side only.

Lets hope for another great season

Happy ridding


Trail P156 is Finished

We are glad to report that we have finished rebuilding P156 trail for this year. Lots of hard work came from lots of people and the club really appreciates this.

The only outstanding trail work needed will be the placing of the rubber matts when the state allows us to do this.

Thanks all for your help.