2-15-19 Trail Report

This week we received more snow (7″) to add to our base of around 16″-30″ depending on what elevation your at. Riding conditions are fabulous! Railroad tracks also have good coverage, no steel showing.  Expect lots of machines out the next 2 weeks since this is the start of school vacations. We only groom at night so you night riders watch out for our groomers. Please stay on the right hand side of trail we have had many complaints of riders not in their side of the trail. We had one accident we don’t want any others.

Also as a reminder our Antique Track Driven Machine Show is on February 23,2019 one week away.

Enjoy our trails


2-8-19 Trail Report

We have not groomed at all this week yet.

Overall conditions are pretty good. Most areas have a good base. It is suppose to get colder later on Friday and we hope to start grooming again.  The railroad tracks are showing a lot more steel but if your careful you can still ride them. Also careful going north to Lincoln on the tracks, Lincoln’s club was not able to cover all the bridges with belting to retain the snow on them.

Last week the guys did a little maintenance work, shovel the warming hut roof and cut back some brush.

All volunteers are not paid anything, they do this work out of kindness to the sport. Some of our volunteers  don’t even own a sled!  The club thanks you for the compliments you send in.

Enjoy the trails and please drive responsible.




2-1-19 Trail Report

Every trail is open!  Conditions are excellent even the tracks.  Get out and enjoy our trails and the neighboring club trails.  Wildlife has been seen more this week because of  snow depth,  please remember they have the right of way do not chase these animals.

Groomers have been out late all week. Sometimes they even see sunrise and light the fire at the warming hut.

Please enjoy and drive responsible.


  • Go Pats……

Antique Track Driven Machine Show

Show is on February 23, 2019 from 10AM – 3PM

Being held at: Dirt Designs 73 Laundromat Rd Thornton NH

For snowmobilers just off Trail 11 in Thornton near Exit 29 (Look for Signs)

This is a great time,  Boy Scouts will cater food for the event, free rides on our groomers.

New this year, we will be doing a 50/50 with the proceeds going to the Easter Seals.

Anyone wishing to help out or exhibit a machine please call 603-726-3166.